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You shall be entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your EMAIL ID and password after Signup. Your details will be confidential between you and Astrologers; and Astro Live Team shall not be responsible any of such information/details exchange between you and Astrologers. You may change your password anytime by accessing the App. Your Chat history will not be saved in our database. You shall also agree to immediately notify Astro live team of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security known to you. If you find any abusive content/language while accessing the app, immediately inform to Astro Live team through mail. Once the User registers on Astrolive app account, Astrolive app ask for User’s information like their name, email address, interests, birthday, gender for the purpose of personal profile. Once the User is done with the registration part with Astrolive app, the Astrolive app will be able to identify the User’s details or user details when the User log in to the server.The Astrolive app automatically User’s server logs, including the User’s IP address. Astrolive uses this information to smooth the video quality service.


1. The protection of user privacy may be a basic policy of the Astrolive app. We at Astrolive guarantees that it'll not publically disclose or offer to 3rd party with a personal user's registered information or personal content, that is hold on within the Astrolive app throughout the engagement of net Services, unless within the following circumstances as follows:

  • 1). once previous specific authorization is obtained from;
  • 2). once and as needed by applicable laws and regulations;
  • 3). once and as needed by relevant competent authorities of the government;
  • 4). once it's necessary to safeguard the general public interest;

2. The Astrolive app could collaborate with a 3rd party to produce the User with relevant net Services. during this state of affairs, the Astrolive app has the right to share 's registered data with a 3rd party, if the third party agrees in-tuned responsibility for providing privacy protection no less favourable to it of the Astrolive app.

3. underneath the condition that no non-public data of a private user is disclosed, the Astrolive app has the right to research the whole user information and utilize the information for business functions.

4. The User acknowledges and agrees that the User could, directly or indirectly, give any of its personal data through its use of the net Services and as provided underneath this agreement. For the needs of this text, the User herewith agrees and consents to the employment of the User’s personal data by the Astrolive app, and such shall be thought of because the consent as stipulated underneath the prevailing applicable laws.

5. The User herewith agrees and consents to the accessing of the User’s camera. microphone, accounts, phone contact list or no matter otherwise by the Astrolive app, underneath that the User could use such instrumentality or data as said to speak with or spot out attainable video chat partners for the User and so send invite to those video chat partners to hitch a video chat session or to try and do the other activities that aren't proscribed by applicable laws.


When the User submits the data, it shall be deemed that the User consents to the Astrolive app relating to gathering, storage, use and speech act of the User’s personal data by the Astrolive app. The Astrolive app will never show, rent or sell the User’s personal identifiable data to others aside from within the eventualities as follows.

The Astrolive app isn't answerable for any assortment, speech, act and/or use of the User’s personal data provided by the User to any third party's web site which can be joined to or from our web site.


The Astrolive app can set or access Astrolive app cookies on the User’s pc/mobile Phone.In performing arts operations related to our merchandise and services, the Astrolive app uses internet beacons to retrieve cookies from our web site.

Editing Personal Account data and Preferences.

At any time, the User has the right to edit the User’s Astrolive app account data and preferences


At Astrolive App we are very conscious regarding security of our user’s account and their personal information. The User’s Astrolive App account is Arcanum protected to make sure the safety of the User’s privacy.

Under bound conditions, the Astrolive App might use the universally accepted SSL cryptography system to make sure the safety of data transfer.

Changes to the Current Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time, we'll post any privacy policy changes on this page, therefore please review it sporadically. we have a tendency to could offer you extra sorts of notice of modifications or updates as applicable below the circumstances.

Refund policy:

We at Astrolive app do deep data mining and find out the gap. If user is not happy with the service or has not received service minutes, then we credit free minutes to users account after depth verification.

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